Below is an A-Z list of Centre Researchers.

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Professor Peter Andrews Arthur Jackson Professor of Biomedical Science Using embryonic stem cell biology to study the origins and progression of cancer.
Dr Saba Balasubramanian Clinical Senior Lecturer and Consultant Endocrine Surgeon. Thyroid cancer surgery and treatment related morbidity, intraoperative imaging.
Professor Ilaria Bellantuono Reader in Stem Cell and Skeletal Ageing Stem cell ageing and cancer.
Dr Lynne Bingle Lecturer Molecular mechanisms of salivary gland tumour development.
Professor Nicola J Brown Professor of Microcirculation and Head of Microcirculation Research Group Cellular and molecular mechanisms regulating tumour angiogenesis.
Dr Helen Bryant Lecturer in Cancer Genetics DNA Replication and Repair.
Professor Jim Catto Reader and Honorary Consultant Urological Surgeons; Clinical Scientist Epigenetic alterations in human bladder and prostate cancer.
Dr Andy Chantry Senior Clinical Lecturer and Honorary Consultant in Haematology Myeloma, bone disease, targeting progenitor cells, niche environments.
Dr Beining Chen Reader in Medicinal Chemistry.
Professor Iain Coldham Professor of Synthetic Organic Chemistry Preparation of small molecules and drugs.
Emeritus Professor Rob E Coleman YCR Professor of Medical Oncology; Director of Sheffield Cancer Research Centre and Associate Director of the National Cancer Research Network Clinical and translational research in breast cancer.
Dr Mark Collins Lecturer in Biological Mass Spectrometry Cell Signalling & Proteome Dynamics
Dr Spencer Collis Reader;  CR-UK Senior Research Fellow; Head of Genome Stability Group The DNA damage response and cancer.
Professor Angela Cox Professor of Cancer Genetic Epidemiology Statistical genetics and genetic epidemiology of cancers.
Professor Sarah Danson Professor of Medical Oncology and Honorary Consultant in Medical Oncology Melanoma, thoracic malignancies and novel anticancer agents.
Dr Will English Research Fellow Cancer-associated fibroblast regulation of the tumour microenvironment.
Dr Andrew Furley Senior Lecturer & Postgraduate Research Director Childhood brain tumours, Sonic Hedgehog signalling, adhesion molecules.
Professor Alison Gartland Senior Lecturer in Bone Biology P2 receptor signalling in musculoskeletal disease and cancer.
Professor Alastair Goldman Professor and Head of Department for Molecular Biology and Biotechnology Genome stability, double-strand break repair, biomarkers.
Professor Joseph Harrity Professor of Synthetic Organic Chemistry. Small molecule design and synthesis.
Dr Matthew Hatton Consultant Clinical Oncologist Weston Park Hospital, and Honorary Senior Lecturer at the University of Sheffield Lung cancer radiotherapy.
Dr Guillaume Hautbergue Principal Investigator and Lecturer in Molecular Biology Protein synthesis deregulation and dependence on oncogenesis and motor neuron disorders.
Dr Rhoda Hawkins Lecturer in Soft Matter Theory
Dr Nigel Hoggard Clinical Senior Lecturer in Radiology
Professor Ingunn Holen Professor in Bone Oncology; Leader of Laboratory Research Team Molecular mechanisms and effects of therapy in cancer-induced bone disease.
Dr Keith Hunter Clinical Senior Lecturer in Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology The biology of head and neck cancer.
Dr Chryso Kanthou Senior Lecturer - Cancer Research UK Tumour Microcirculation Group
Dr Dan Lambert Lecturer in Biochemistry, School of Clinical Dentistry Molecular mechanisms of stromal-epithelial interactions.
Dr Lynne Lennard Reader in Pharmacology. Optimisation of antimetabolite cancer chemotherapy.
Professor Sheila MacNeil Professor of Tissue Engineering; Director of Interdisciplinary Programmes Developing tissue engineering to benefit cancer patients.
Professor Mark Meuth Professor of Cellular Genetics; Head of YCR Institute for Cancer Studies The molecular basis of genomic instability in human cancer.
Professor Nigel Mathers Professor of Primary Medical Care and Head of Academic Unit of Primary Medical Care
Professor Jon Nicholl Professor of Health Services Research in the School of Health and Related Research (ScHARR) The evaluation of emergency and urgent first contact care and services, particularly A and E services.
Dr Penny Ottewell Lecturer in Cancer Biology
Professor Allan Pacey Senior Lecturer in Andrology Fertility issues in cancer patients.
Professor Martyn Paley Professor of Biomedical Imaging Dynamic nuclear polarisation (DNP) enhanced magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).
Dr Lynda Partridge Senior Lecturer Tetraspanins in cancer progression; tumour targeting
Dr Cecile M. Perrault Lecturer The mechanical mechanisms of cancer.
Professor Peter Piper Professor of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology Mechanisms of resistance to Hsp90 inhibitor cancer drugs; synergy between Hsp90 inhibitors and mTOR kinase inhibitors; regulation of heat shock transcription factor.
Dr Henry Roehl Senior Lecturer, Department of Biomedical Science
Mr Derek Rosario Clinical Senior Lecturer, University of Sheffield & Honorary Consultant Urological Surgeon to Sheffield Teaching Hospitals Trust.
Professor Tony Ryan Pro-Vice-Chancellor - Pure Science Synthesis, structure, processing and properties of polymers.
Dr Karen Sisley Senior Lecturer Genetics of rare cancers.
Professor Tim Skerry Professor of Orthopaedic Biology & Head of Department of Human Metabolism Adrenomedullin receptors, receptor activity modifying proteins, lysol oxidase-like 2.
Professor Carl Smythe Professor of Cell Biology Quality control in the cell cycle.
Professor Elizabeth Smythe Professor of Molecular Cell Biology Endocytic regulation of receptor yrosine kinase signalling.
Professor Paul Speight Professor in Oral Pathology; Honorary Consultant Histopathologist; Dean of the School of Clinical Dentistry Diagnostic oral histopathology.
Dr Carolyn Staton Lecturer, Microcirculation Research Group Neuronal guidance molecules in tumour angiogenesis.
Professor Martin Thornhill Professor of Oral Medicine Tissue engineering, biocompatibility and in vitro modelling of disease.
Dr Freek Van Eeden Senior Lecturer in Biomedical Science Zebrafish tumor and angiogenesis models.
Dr Jonathan Wadsley Consultant Clinical Oncologist, Weston Park Hospital and Lead Clinician, North Trent Cancer Research Network Clinical research in thyroid and gastrointestinal cancers.
Dr Simon A. Whawell Reader in Oral Science Integrins, proteases and extracellular matrix in oral squamous cell carcinoma invasion.
Professor Iain Wilkinson Professor of Magnetic Resonance (MR) Physics and Lead of the Adult Neuroimaging Research Programme. Functional and anatomical MRI, neuro-oncology, whole-body imaging.
Professor Stuart Wilson Professor of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology
Professor Steve Winder Professor of Molecular Cell Biology Dystroglycan in prostate cancer.
Ms Lynda Wyld Professor of Surgical Oncology Breast cancer.
Dr Martin Zeidler CR-UK Senior Fellow and Reader The JAK/STAT signalling pathway.