Matthew HattonDoctor Matthew Hatton. MSc, MBChB, MRCP, FRCP, FRCR

Consultant Clinical Oncologist Weston Park Hospital, and Honorary Senior Lecturer at the University of Sheffield.
Weston Park Hospital, Whitham Road, Sheffield, S10 2SJ  E-Mail:

Lung Cancer Radiotherapy

Research interests / career:

Dr Matthew Hatton's clinical practice involves the non-surgical treatment of Lung and Breast Cancer.

Dr Hatton is a member of the NCRI Lung Cancer Study Group (chairing their LORD subgroup), the Clinical Trials Award and Advisory Committee and the Clinical and Translational Radiotherapy Research Group. He chairs the UK Consortium for Stereotactic Ablative Radiotherapy which is working to develop advanced treatment techniques for lung cancer radiotherapy and bring them into routine service.
As a clinical researcher he has been involved in many collaborative studies and has been the leading recruiter to studies that changed international practice (e.g. Prophylactic Cranial Radiotherapy in extensive small cell lung cancer).
The research within Sheffield has focused on functional imaging, specifically the development of Helium MRI and it’s application to radiotherapy planning and treatment in non small cell lung cancer. There has also been work to develop novel radiotherapy fractionations in non small cell lung cancer which have been subject of two national lung radiotherapy studies with follow on studies currently being developed. Over the past 10 years these studies have received funding from CRUK, YCR, NIHR and the local Weston Park Appeal.

3 selected publications:

  1. Induction chemotherapy and Continuous Hyperfractionated Accelerated Radiotherapy (CHART): the MRC INCH randomised trial. MQ Hatton, E Lyn, M Nankivell, R Stephens, C Pugh, N Navani, M Parmar: Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys 2011;81:712-18
  2. Detection of radiation-induced lung injury in non-small cell lung cancer patients using hyperpolarized helium-3 magnetic resonance imaging. RH. Ireland, OS Din, JA Swincoe, N Woodhouse, EJ van Beek, JM Wild, MQ Hatton:  Radiotherapy and Oncology 2010;97:244–248
  3. Randomised trial on the use of prophylactic cranial irradiation in extensive disease small cell lung cancer (EORTC 08993-22993). B.J. Slotman, C. Faivre-Finn, G.W.P.M. Kramer, E. Rankin, M. Snee, MQ Hatton, L. Collette, M. Mauer, S. Senan, on behalf of the EORTC Radiation Oncology Group and Lung Cancer Group: New England Journal of Medicine 357:664-72, 2007