Professor Mark MeuthProfessor Mark Meuth BS, PhD

Professor of Cellular Genetics; Head: YCR Institute for Cancer Studies, Department of Oncology
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The molecular basis of genomic instability in human cancer

Mark Meuth hails from Toledo, Ohio. He received his BS from Purdue University with distinction in Biochemistry and his PhD in Cell Biology from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His postdoctoral training was at the Medical Nobel Institute of the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm Sweden (supported by a Fellowship from the American Cancer Society) and the Department of Medical Genetics at the University of Toronto. He was Group Leader and Assistant Professor at the Institut de Recherches Clinique de Montreal before he moved to the Imperial Cancer Research Fund (now CRUK) Clare Hall Laboratories in 1982 as Research Scientist and then Senior Scientist. During his time at the ICRF he also spent a sabbatical leave at the Saitama Cancer Center in Japan as a Fellow for the Promotion of Cancer Research. In 1992 Professor Meuth returned to the U.S. as Professor of Radiation Oncology at the University of Utah but then was recruited to the University of Sheffield in 1999 as Yorkshire Cancer Research Professor of Cellular Genetics and Head of the Institute for Cancer Studies. He leads a research team of 40 in the Institute for Cancer Studies including 10 in his own research group. His research is supported by Yorkshire Cancer Research. Mark has long-term research interests in the mechanisms controlling the growth, death and mutation of tumour cells. His current research focuses on the development of specific targeted therapies that exploit the altered growth regulation of tumour cells.

Selected publications:

1. Gagou, ME, Zuazua-Villar, P and Meuth, M (2010) Enhanced H2AX phosphorylation, DNA replication fork arrest and cell death in the absence of Chk1. Mol. Biol. Cell, 21: 739–752.
2. Meuth, M (2010) Chk1 suppressed cell death. Cell Division 5: 21.
3. Gagou, M.E., Ganesh, A., Thompson, R., Phear, G., Sanders, C. and Meuth, M (2011) Suppression of apoptosis by PIF1 helicase in human tumor cells. Cancer Res. 71: 4998–5008.