Professor Sheila MacNeilProfessor Sheila MacNeil BSc, PhD

Professor of Tissue Engineering; Director, Interdisciplinary Programmes, Faculty of Engineering, The Kroto Research Institute
Tel: +44 (0)114 222 5995 | Fax: +44 (0)114 222 5943 | Email:


Developing tissue engineering to benefit cancer patients

Sheila graduated with a BSc from the University of Aberdeen, and completed her PhD at the University of Sheffield. Sheila’s particular expertise is in tissue engineering of skin and other epithelial tissues for clinical use and she is also involved in developing 3D models of skin, oral mucosa and oesophagus in which to study aspects of normal and neoplastic cell-cell interactions.

Sheila has developed 3D models in which to study melanoma, head and neck cancer and Barrett’s Sarcoma. Sheila leads a biomaterials and tissue engineering research team which comprises 6 other academic members of staff with a combined group size of 70 scientists. The interests of the team are very diverse, from biomaterials development to tissue engineering to mathematical modelling of biological processes to non-invasive imaging / biomedical imaging of 3D tissues.

Sheila’s work is funded by EPSRC, BBSRC, the Wellcome Trust, YCR and Industry.

Selected publications:

1. Smith L, MacNeil S (2011). Review: State of the art in non-invasive imaging of cutaneous melanoma. Skin Research and Technology. 17: 257–269.
2. Green N, Huang Q, Khan L, Battaglia G, Corfe B, MacNeil S and Bury J (2010). The development and characterisation of a tissue engineered human oesophageal model. Tissue Eng A 16: 1053–1064.
3. Hearnden V, Smith L, Colley H, Thornhill M, Murdoch C, Smallwood R, Matcher S, MacNeil S (2010). Using tissue-engineered oral cancer models to evaluate non-invasive diagnostic technologies. Oral Diseases. 16: 518.