The Sheffield Professional Framework

Our Strategic Plan sets out eight guiding principles for all staff at the University, shown in the diagram below. Linked to this, The Sheffield Professional Framework, illustrated in the wheel diagram, describes the specific behaviours we expect of staff working in professional roles across the University. We aim to create a sense of community, pride and common purpose and recognise the valuable contribution of Professional Staff to our success.

The Framework aligns with our approach to leadership and management and standards for Sheffield Academics. The Framework was developed following employee feedback via focus groups, interviews, and group exercises.

Sheffield Professional Wheel 2

Building Trust

We consider others' needs, taking pride in communicating in a straightforward and appropriate way.

  • Effective communicators
  • Good listeners
  • Open and honest
  • Prepared to challenge and be challenged

One Team

We create a working environment based on mutual respect, trust and team spirit.

  • Celebrate success
  • Collaborative
  • Have fun together
  • Supportive of each other

Creating Knowledge

We are committed to developing our own knowledge and skills as well as supporting world class teaching and research.

  • Imaginative
  • Inspired by working in excellence
  • Keen to learn and share knowledge
  • Open to new ideas

Playing our Part

We care about doing the right thing for students and colleagues, valuing everyone's contribution.

  • Being the best we can be
  • Creating opportunities for everyone
  • Embracing and welcoming diversity
  • Taking personal responsibility