Welcome to the Sheffield Institute for Interdisciplinary Biblical Studies (SIIBS)

About us

Katie"Biblical Studies is one of the oldest forms of intellectual study in the world but still one of the most relevant in today's global society.  The Bible is the world's best selling book, while public figures lament a decline in biblical knowledge, popular culture from pop music, fashion to hip hop is saturated with biblical themes, stories, imagery and motifs.    

Religion however understood or constructed is regularly seen to be at the heart of conflicts and terrorism, in a post 9/11 world there couldn't be a more relevant time to study with us at the institute.  You'll discover through us the bible's monumental influence on philosophical, social and political discussion.  

When you study at SIIBS you'll tap into an unparalleled body of specialist expertise in Biblical Studies, our cutting edge research explores ancient texts in dynamic and engaging ways and our academics work across the University to ensure that our research is truly interdisciplinary.

Our latest projects will let you explore a wide range of topics including the historical Jesus and Neoliberalism, constructions of masculinity in contemporary representations of Jesus with particular reference to hip-hop music and male-targeted sports advertising, religion and violence and the history of the concept of an 'Old Testament'.  

You'll have access to a wealth of varied and flexible courses that will equip you with the knowledge and skills to make your mark on the world. Our graduates go on to many varied and distinguished careers. 

A degree from SIIBS is the mark of someone who thinks differently.  

SIIBS academic members have expertise across an impressive range of specialities and are recognised internationally for their commitment to innovation and knowledge exchange. Their passion for up-to-the-minute thinking inspires scholars and students across the globe.   This link with dynamic, cutting edge thinking ensures up-to-the-minute relevance of teaching material and we are committed to ensuring that our research has a significant and positive impact locally, nationally and internationally. Staff are based in the Faculty of Arts and Humanities closely related to their research interests. Our members also teach on undergraduate Religion, Theology and the Bible programmes at the University.  

We host an exciting and research seminar programme throughout the year. Some of our lectures are given by internationally leading biblical scholars, University of Sheffield staff and our own PhD and MA students.

I’m privileged to be leading this globally recognised institution in one of the UK’s leading Russell Group universities, at one of the top 100 Universities in the world. Explore our website via the links on the left and discover more about our work and our courses."

Dr Katie Edwards
Director of SIIBS