Let’s Discover Stained Glass! A Fun, Free Family Event! A collaboration between the University of Sheffield and Sheffield Cathedral.

Saturday 14th November, 11am – 4pm, Sheffield Cathedral.

“What do you imagine the whale that swallowed Jonah to look like? A man-eating, malevolent monster or a feeble, fumbling fish? Well, here’s an opportunity to let your creative juices flow! Come discover the art of stained glass windows at Sheffield Cathedral in this FREE family, child-friendly art activity. Be inspired by the Cathedral’s famous Lantern Window and have a go at making your own stained glass window as an illustration of well-known Old Testament stories - stories that are common to Christianity, Judaism and Islam alike. As well as making your own stained glass window, you can also take on the challenge of our stained glass window treasure hunt – how many stained glass windows can you find?”
*Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times*

stained glass

Tiffany Webster, a final year SIIBS PhD student, will be organising an exciting, family-friendly art and religion event in collaboration with Sheffield Cathedral as part of the series of events that the University of Sheffield will be hosting as a regional hub for the 2015 Being Human Festival (a yearly national festival of the humanities).

The intention of this event is to give families with young children and young adolescents in Sheffield an opportunity to learn about the three Abrahamic faiths (Islam, Christianity, and Judaism) and their respective religious texts (the Qur’an, the Bible, and the Torah) in a fun, creative and mutually-respectful manner.

The event will primarily provide attendees with an opportunity to illustrate or depict well-known passages from the Old Testament – a text that contains stories common with the three Abrahamic faiths – in the format of a stained glass window. A variety of biblical texts will be provided for attendees to illustrate, and a variety of examples of stained glass windows from each faith will also be provided as inspiration. In addition to this, the magnificent and varied stained glass windows of Sheffield Cathedral will also be used to provide further inspiration. For example, the Cathedral’s famous ‘Lantern Window’ will be used to provide inspiration for those wishing to design their stained glass windows in the style of Islamic stained glass.

In addition to the art activity, there will also be a stained glass window treasure hunt where children will be given a list of images and symbols (taken from the stained glass windows in the Cathedral) that they will then be asked to find. This activity will hopefully take place before the art activity in the hope that it will introduce attendees to both the Cathedral itself and to the most common images used in stained glass windows. The treasure hunt will hopefully inspire the children and families taking part to start thinking about what to include in their own stained glass windows and to get their creative juices flowing.

More details of this event will be posted nearer the time (along with plenty of advertising in Sheffield), but if you live in Sheffield and have a young family, please put this event in your diary now! As it’s sure to be both educational and great fun.