Many of our members have interesting blogs.

Hidden Perspectives blog - Hidden Perspectives is a pioneering public engagement project that aims to open up interpretations of biblical narratives to underrepresented groups. The project is directed by SIIBS members Dr. Katie Edwards and Dr Minna Shkul.

Casey Strine blog - Casey Strine is Vice-Chancellor’s Fellow and Lecturer in Hebrew Bible at the University of Sheffield. He studies the history, literature, and cultures of the ancient Near East with a specialization in ancient Israel and Judah. In other words, he's an expert on the Hebrew Bible, which is better known to Christians as the Old Testament and in Judaism as the Tanakh. 

Brendan Stone blog - Brendan Stone has developed and taught on a wide range of courses in various disciplines, including English Literature, Medicine, and Social Work. Over the last few years he has led the Storying Sheffield course (and wider project) in which School of English undergraduates work alongside Sheffield people, usually from less advantaged backgrounds, in order to co-produce narrative representations of their lives in the city.  Storying Sheffield is a project based at the University of Sheffield about accessible and universal ideas such as narrative, storytelling, history, and the environment.

Tiffany Webster blog - Tiffany Webster is a final year Biblical Studies PhD candidate at the University.  She is currently completing her thesis entitled ‘When the Bible Meets the Black Stuff: A Contextual Bible Study Experiment’. Tiffany is a an ‘expert’ in the contextual interpretation of the Bible, contextual exegesis/hermeneutics and Contextual Bible Study.