The Shiloh Project

The Shiloh Project is a joint initiative set up by staff from the Universities of Sheffield, Leeds and Auckland (NZ). It is committed to fostering research into the phenomenon of rape culture, both throughout history and within contemporary societies across the globe.

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Embodied Religion

The Embodied Religion research theme supports inquiry into how religion is experienced through and advertised on the body.

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The Gothic Bible

This project constitutes an interdisciplinary approach to investigating instances within the Bible and Gothic fiction (i.e. literature, drama, and film) that demonstrate an interplay between biblical concepts/iconography and the literary Gothic mode, which began with the publication of Horace Walpole’s The Castle of Otranto (1764-5).

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Research themes

Our cutting edge thinking is world renowned and spans ancient and modern issues from biblical languages, forced migration, pop culture and gender studies. Our research activities are arranged into a number of key themes.

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World-leading talent

Our world-leading research culture and environment is dedicated to supporting new talent. Our members work across universities, faculties and departments making our research truly interdisciplinary.

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