Rebecca Anthoneybex



I graduated from Leeds University in 2014 with a BA in Theology and Religious Studies. During my time at Leeds, I worked on various projects, including with the Student Union on inter-faith dialogue at in the university, and I particularly developed an interest in the study of the Hebrew Bible. My BA dissertation was written on the virgin birth prophecy of Isaiah 7:14 with focus on its translation and interpretation and the way in which other near-eastern religions and myths played into this.

I took two years out from university after graduating, but I recently decided to return to academia and am currently studying for my MA with SIIBS, and have my sights set on beginning a PHD in the next academic year.

While writing my BA dissertation, I developed an interest in goddesses and the links between femininity and the divine in the Hebrew Bible and ancient near-eastern cultures, and I am currently beginning work on an MA dissertation centred around the presence of the divine feminine in the book of Genesis. I hope to cover a wide range of approaches and subject matter to demonstrate the notable inferences to a female divine within the text.