Religious Experience Cluster Group: Call For Applications

Applications are invited for an interdisciplinary Cluster Group on “Religious Experience at the Intersection of Body and Cognition.” The group will be hosted by the University of Sheffield on April 28-29, 2017, and will be led by four visiting speakers: Dominika Kurek-Chomycz (Liverpool Hope), Helen De Cruz (Oxford University), Christina Van Dyke (Calvin College), and Kate Rigby (Bath Spa University). Together, the group will consider the following topics: Religious Experience and the Body, Religious Experience and the Cognitive Science of Religion, Mystical Religious Experience, and Religious Experience and New Materialism.

Funded participants will receive a $500 USD stipend for attending the meetings and will be eligible to compete for an additional award of up to $1000 USD if they are able to publish a paper on one of the group’s topics within a year of the meetings, to incorporate a paper on the group’s topics into a dissertation on religious experience within that same time frame, or to develop a syllabus for a module on Religious Experience that incorporates the group’s topics and will be offered within two academic years of the group’s meetings. The organizers also intend to cover meals for funded participants, and a limited budget is available for accommodation.

Space is available for five funded participants, but the organizers will consider hosting additional participants without funding. Participants can be postgraduate students, postdoctoral researchers, or staff members in any academic discipline relevant to the group’s topics, including (but not limited to) Biblical Studies, Cognitive Science, Philosophy, or Religion.

To apply, please send (i) a CV and (ii) a short paragraph of no more than 200 words expressing your interests and background in the group topics to embodied.religion@sheffield.ac.uk. The deadline is 15 January 2017.

Questions may be directed to Dr Ryan Byerly at t.r.byerly@sheffield.ac.uk or Dr Meredith Warren at m.j.warren@sheffield.ac.uk .