Skills Resource Bank

SkillsBankColumnWhat is the Skills Resource Bank?

The University of Sheffield Skills Resource Bank is a portal for you to customise your personal skills pathway drawing on resources and activities available across the University. The Skills Resource Bank includes a Skills Audit, Feedback Portal and Activity Dashboard to allow you to filter, access and record skills development activity throughout your programme of study.

The Skills Resource Bank is a tool that can be used independently to explore the range of co-curricular opportunities available and you can use the online Activity Dashboard to evaluate progress against targets. Fill in the Action Plan on the reverse to commit yourself to prioritised goals over the coming months.

Why use the Skills Resource Bank?

While many of the skills and much of the knowledge that you will gain at university will be developed within your programme of study, there are a wide range of additional opportunities to gain additional skills and experience through co- and extra-curricular activities delivered by services across the Institution. The Sheffield Graduate Attributes provide a framework for you to consider your learning within a wider context of personal and professional development.

The Skills Resource Bank provides a way for you to find the opportunities that are appropriate and timely and to record progress. The Skills Resource bank is designed to complement your core programme of study as a tool for independent learning that allows you to identify and address development needs across three main categories: Everyday, Academic and Professional.

Not sure where to start?

Take the Skills Audit as a first step to identify your strengths, skills gaps and opportunities for development. Your completed skills audit will be saved and can be exported as a PDF to share with your personal tutor or for your own records. You can take the skills audit as many times as you like to review progress and set new goals and priorities as your skills grow and develop throughout your degree.

Use the planning templates on the side bar to set priorities and reflect on achievements throughout your programme of study.

Visit the Skills Resource Bank here (requires MUSE log in)