You'll never forget the years spent at University; they're the best of your life because you're free to travel, meet new people and learn new things

Valentina Bazzoli
Valentina Bazzoli
Sales, multinational company
Multilingual Information Management MA
Valentina now works in sales for a large multinational company.
Valentina Bazzoli

What is your current role and your main responsibilities?

Sales Account

Please summarise your overall career since graduation, but in particular, what was your first relevant role to the area in which you work now and how did you secure that position?

First I worked as a procurement planner, then I moved to Sales where I can work with Clients and their needs.

How has your qualification helped you in your career?

My first job was in a multinational company where I could see Information Management in practice. I think this degree taught me how to prioritise work. The multilingual part is essential, especially here in Italy, because many of our contacts are from abroad and our lingua franca in often English.

What is an average day like for you in your current role?

Contact from a Client, evalution of manufacturability together with the Engineering dept., offer preparation, technical support to the Client.

What is your greatest achievement to date?

Closed a contract with a Chinese company that resulted in considerable cost savings for the company.

What were your previous academic qualifications?

Foreign languages and literatures.

What were your career aspirations when you were younger?

I used to dream about becoming an English teacher in Italy.

What impact has attending University had on you?

Modules such as International Management moved my interest more into the Economics side.

What advice would you give to young people considering University?

The years spent at University are hard years, I remember I used to study 12 hours a day. But you'll never forget them, they're the best of your life because you're free to travel, meet new people, learn new things and you have no duties like when you work.

Why did you choose Sheffield? / What sets Sheffield apart from other Universities?

When I finished my Bachelor's, I wanted to study something new related to management/economics. However, I was afraid not to be good enough, Sheffield offered me the possibility to have an Information Management course combined with languages which were related to my previous background.

What other elements of University life/extra-curricular activities helped you to achieve success?

The University organised so many activities to get you involved. For example, the tandem learning module helped me to make new friends. In Italy for example this aspect is missing a lot.

What did you most enjoy about your time at Sheffield?

I've totally enjoyed the programme and the new things I've learnt that I'll always remember.

Why would you recommend the University of Sheffield as a good place to study?

Because of the organisation and the staff always willing to help.

In one sentence, how would you describe the impact Sheffield had on your career and life after University?

The University of Sheffield moved me into the world of Information Management that today is helping me a lot in my work because I feel I gained a method to control the information flow.

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