Alice, MA Multilingual Information Management

Alice Albaret

MA in Multilingual Information Management, Class of 2008/09

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     When I was an Erasmus student at Sheffield University in 2008/09, I chose to stay another year in order to do the MA in Multilingual Information Management because I found that the mixture between ‘communications’ and ‘information’ was very interesting; I also really wanted to stay in England one more year to improve my English. At the time this kind of MA was not available in France.

This was for me the opportunity to study, on the one hand, intercultural communication with the Languages and Cultures Department and, on the other hand, information management in organisation with the Information School. I also had technical courses on website design and localisation.

Thanks to this MA I acquired a polyvalent profile that allowed me to find my first job in an international company in France. I got an internship as my employer was looking for someone with both web skills and communication skills. And now I work for another company as Web Marketing Executive.

This job is very interesting for me because I can use both English and French in an intercultural context. In addition to this I use my technical skills since I am in charge of web marketing.

Some of my tasks are to:

  • administer the company website
  • create blogs or small websites
  • create advertisements for web and print
  • send email campaigns
  • manage communities on social networks.

(March 2013).  In 2016, we were very pleased to hear that Alice has been promoted to International Marketing Manager for Clextral.

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