Amie, MA Multilingual Information Management

Amie Ward

MA in Multilingual Information Management, Class of 2011/12

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     I did the MA in Multilingual Information Management with the School of Modern Languages and Cultures and the Information School in 2011/12. Now I'm on an Information Management Graduate Scheme at Transport for London. Each placement is 3 months long and they range from Project Management to Major Incident Management and even into areas such as Finance so it's really broad.

I think the course helped me because on the scheme, we work in lots of different areas, and the course gave me an overview of quite a few of them. I also think having a multilingual perspective is beneficial as you think about things other people might not have and often from a different angle. A lot of the skills learnt on the course have also helped with aspects of work I have done as a Business Analyst and with the creation of a website for one of my teams.
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(February 2013)

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