Ana Carolina Torquato Pinto Da Silva

MA MUNDUS Crossways in Cultural Narratives, Class of 2012-14

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     Hello! My name is Ana Carolina Torquato. I am from Brazil. And I am a student here at the University of Sheffield and I'm doing my Masters programme through the Erasmus Mundus Programme Crossways in Cultural Narratives. For the ones who don't know what this programme is, it is a place where we're supposed to study in three different universities: The first semester we study in one, the second and the third in another one, and the last one, the fourth semester, we study in a different country - so we have to go to three different countries. In my case I studied in Lisbon, Portugal; now this is my second year and I'm studying here at Sheffield, UK; and my last semester will be in Spain, Santiago de Compostela. And... so far I'm really enjoying the experience. It's really interdisciplinary; we get the chance to get to know different cultures, to learn the literature and languages, and erm [...] When I came here, I was trying to continue studying a Brazilian writer and also apply some other techniques to study the novel. And when I got here I was really surprised to know that I would find a great professor that has the same research field that I'm interested in. So it was really really really great to me and I think I will profit a lot of being here and to be in contact with all the students that are here to share their experiences with me. [...]

Well I'm really excited to finish this and have the complete experience. But for now I'm going to share with you my experience here at the University of Sheffield.

So... when I got here I didn't really know what city, how the city was going to be. And... I really got surprised which is, something that I was not used to anymore, to have like a city that is completely full of students. And the student life is something that moves the city in such a l**** way that I think it's really awesome to be here, and to be part of this as a student. So erm... About the facilities of the university, I really got amazed on how many stuff that er, we can achieve by only being here and having the chance of taking books of this amazing libraries. And erm... also the Information Commons, that is something that in my reality in Brazil doesn't exist at all. Not because we don't have good libraries but 24-hour libraries?? It's something out of this world! So something that I really really loved to have and now I get the chance to be a part of it.

So... erm... My main difficulties in being here it's because I'll have to produce an academic writing in English which is not my native language, but I think this university is really well prepared to support their students in this case because we have the ELTC (English Language Teaching Centre). And erm... this centre, they provide us all the support that we need in writing, in speaking, in [...] reviewing our papers... And I think so far, using this facilities that the university provides us, I have been really successful in producing good stuff for this university. So I'm really happy to be here, and er, so far I'm really amazed with all the opportunities that are coming up to me, and er I really enjoy being here so [...] don't be scared if you are from another country, and you have to write, er... like er, academic writings in a foreign language which in this case it is English. So come here and you will enjoy your experience, as I am enjoying mine.
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(April 2013)

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