Ben, MA Translation Studies

Ben Swales

MA in Translation Studies, Class of 2008/09

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     While I was doing the MA I worked part-time at a translation agency, learning about the industry and project management. I found that the work complemented the course very well, and obviously, the course complemented the work. When I graduated, I started working full-time for the agency so I am a project manager now and I do a bit of translation - when I can fit it in - at the agency. I'm also doing a lot of freelance work in my spare time, which I'm trying to build up with the aim of eventually becoming a freelance translator. I find that the course really helped my career - from the theory through to the practice - it really set me up well. I'm so glad I did the course, and I would recommend it to anyone who's interested in a career in translation.
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(Spring 2010)

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