Chiara, MA MUNDUS Crossways in Cultural Narratives

Chiara Dalla Libera

MA MUNDUS Crossways in Cultural Narratives

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     I stayed in Sheffield during the second semester of my Mundus experience. It was only for one semester, but as a Mundus student every little moment counts double as it is a life time experience!

Before arriving in Sheffield I received a complete brochure with all the information I needed before my departure. Starting a new semester means dealing with a never ending list of things to do: find a place to stay, decide which courses are worth attending, deal with the bureaucracy, understand where all the facilities are... These are not easy tasks, but at Sheffield University they are so organized and efficient that all the procedures went smoothly and it did not take long to adapt to the University's rhythm.

Sheffield Student Union and library represents a dream coming true for any student: cheap beer at Bar One and a library open 24/7 to give a shelter to any sleepless night before the exam period.

During my Sheffield semester I had to write the first part of my dissertation, I had some idea, but I hadn't decide my final topic. Prof. Perraudin had the fortunate idea of suggesting Dr. Amanda Crawley Jackson as my tutor for my dissertation. She helped me to give words to my ideas and guided me with her suggestions through an original bibliography. My work then developed during the following year and I got more and more passionate about the topic of my dissertation, but it was thanks to the work done with Prof. Crawley that I had a solid basis to build on.

My months at Sheffield University gave me the chance to study in a great University with all the support a student needs, to meet nice people and to understand more the English culture. Thanks Erasmus Mundus!
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