Emma, MA Translation Studies

Emma Palfreyman

MA in Translation Studies, Class of 2012/13

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     What I find particularly interesting about the MA in Translation Studies is the cultural exchange. It has been fascinating to discuss and hear about the connotations of different translation techniques according to different languages and cultures from international students in the class. Plus, the first-hand knowledge and expertise from official translators working in the industry will definitely help me in the future, especially in terms of learning how to use new software which I believe is vital for future translators.

As a mature student being out of higher education for quite some time, I have found it difficult to apply my existing language skills to translation and a higher education setting in general. But I enjoy the challenge of balancing work and studies and I enjoy the fact that the course is challenging me - that is a sign that the end goal will be worth it. I can't remember where I read this but some months into my course I read the following advice to mature students. It said "Don't expect to hit the ground running". That is very sound advice as I did expect to hit the ground running! Try to read little and often, so that absorbing content of reading material is not totally unfamiliar by the time assignment period comes round. Don't be too disheartened if you don't get to grips with the new software packages straight away - the tutorials are very useful and allow you to practice in your spare time.
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(February 2013)

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