Henrique Rievers

MA MUNDUS Crossways in Cultural Narratives

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     I could share a lot about my time in Sheffield. I could start with the firsts. It was my first time living in an English speaking country, first time wearing two jackets to face the first time I had to handle temperatures below zero, and the first time I saw snow. Also it was the first time I was completely immersed in English and had the challenge of writing papers and essays in a foreign language. Which brings me to the most important part of my Sheffield experience: the professors and the university. Among all those firsts and challenges, I was offered a great deal of support, from the University, through several different services that were offered, and from the professors. I had a great supervisor, attended interesting classes and was able to develop a lot in my studies. Crossways is a challenging program, one that includes a lot of firsts on the professional and personal level. My Sheffield experience was also challenging but I felt supported and consider that period crucial to the successful completion of my Erasmus Mundus M.A.
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