Jennifer (Julie) Mowat

MA in Intercultural Communication, Class of 2007/08

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     I did the Masters’ in Intercultural Communication. This naturally followed from my undergraduate degree in French and History; so I had the communication element from my French and in History I looked at various conflicts throughout the world, so that all naturally tied into intercultural communication. I now work for a company called Together for Regeneration, which is based in the voluntary, community and faith sector and I am researching various faith groups in South Yorkshire. This has naturally followed on from my Intercultural Communications degree because I am able to look at different faith groups; different people who live in our society – what they do, what our interactions between each other are. The MA has definitely helped in my job – which I was given straight after my degree – and it’s still helping me; in terms of me being able to communicate with the vastly different people that I meet everyday in work and in life as well.
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(January 2009)

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