John, MA Multilingual Information Management

John Keaney

MA in Multilingual Information Management, Class of 2011/12

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     Last year I was a student on the MA Multilingual Information Management at Sheffield University. I really enjoyed the course and my time at Sheffield for several reasons. Firstly, the university facilities were great; there were lots of areas I could go and study quietly between lectures or hang out with friends. The university’s location right in the city centre made it handy to meet friends or go out for dinner. Also as a daily commuter to Sheffield it made the journey that much easier.

The range of courses was impressive, many with a practical element that could be applied in a range of career paths after graduation. A major benefit of the course was that it offered modules from two schools, widening the range of subject areas and allowed for much more cross-discipline studies. The differing teaching styles and course structures between the schools allowed for a wider experience in the ways of approaching studies and learning, with a good range of both practical and academic courses.

I feel like the MIM course, along with the academic and support staff at Sheffield, has been fundamental in me being able to realise my professional ambitions. In today’s high-tech and globalized world, I feel the combination of information management, web-related and translation skills acquired through this course gives students the edge, helping them stand out in the employment market over people with more single-discipline skills.
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(March 2013)

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