Ka Ying (Brenda) Mai

MA in Intercultural Communication, Class of 2007/08

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     Hello, my name is Brenda. I studied the Masters in Intercultural Communication in 2007 and 2008. I enjoyed studying at Sheffield very much. I’ve learned the theories in intercultural communication, ethnography and so on. Apart from this study experience, I’ve also made very good friends and also classmates; I still keep in touch with many of my classmates. Other than studying, I also learned how to [...] be independent [...] as I was an international student; I needed to be independent, I needed to look after myself. And now I’m a teacher of English in Hong Kong. Erm and I can also use, again, my experience of being studying in this university, got to share with my friends and then I got to share with my experience. And I believe that this is something that everyone should do (laughs).Right-hand quotation mark

(January 2013)

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