Lu Sun

MA in Screen Translation, Class of 2011/12

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     Hi, my name is Lu Sun and I came here in December 2012. And I’ve loved it here, so far, very much. I think that Sheffield people are probably the most welcoming and friendly people in the world. Because [when] I first come here I kind of get lost... the streets are different from what we have in China... but I remember this gentleman, he showed me to the place. He told me that he wanted to go to the same place as I did, but when he showed me the way and I was there, he just went away. He was so polite and friendly! I really enjoyed my life here.

And I think the food here is really different from what we have in China. [...] To me, it’s mostly like fast food – er, I liked the experience but I’m not having it every day (laughs).

I think the teaching staff here are very friendly too and very helpful. Every time I had a question or problem I go to them and get a satisfactory answer. And I get help, always. [...] The most difference, I think – especially [in terms of what] the Chinese students experience here from what they had in China – is that the teaching mode is very different. I think here it’s like a more open mode... teaching mode here. The teaching staff and professors here, they’re better – they’re more likely to leading you to a direction and allow you the choice to think of the things, the questions, by yourself and find out your own way. But when we were in China, it’s like the teacher is going to tell you everything. It’s like they’re going to tell you what is right and what is wrong, and I find most... like 70 percent of the students, they’re very confused at first. I remember this Chinese girl, she asked Lena, ‘But what is right, what is wrong, could you tell us the answer,’ but Lena told her that she can’t get the answer, you must think by yourself, with your own experience and knowledge. And that’s the most fantastic but obvious difference I find here. But I like it here. Because I had quite a few foreign teachers when I was in college, I mean for my bachelor degree, so I knew this difference will help when I come here... but I like it and I enjoy it. I hope the Chinese education mode is going to develop in that direction.

And I think Sheffield has quite something to experience. I loved the Botanical Gardens – I lived in Endcliffe for like, ten months... I loved the green areas. This place has a lot of green place, and I loved them; the flowers, the grass, the trees – all those plants, they’re fantastic!

And I really feel that at the end of this semester I learned a lot... What I learned is Screen Translation; I think it’s a comparatively new subject. And when I tell people that I’m learning screen translation [...] – I told them it’s about subtitling and films –, they say ‘this is so interesting’; they’re interested and want to know more about this. And I’m very interested, this semester... I like it. It’s like a completely new subject to me. I learned a lot. I think the theoretical thing is one thing but when you come to really do the practice work it’s totally different! It needs practice, of course, but when you study and get used to it, it’s really fun!

And at the end, I think this whole thing, Sheffield, the University of Sheffield is so nice... If ever I have a chance to come back here, I’d love to come here.
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(January 2013)

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