Martin Repecky

MA in Translation Studies, Class of 2011/12

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     Morning, my name is Martin, I come from, originally from the Czech Republic. I moved to Sheffield in 2004, so that means I’ve lived here for nine years now. I’ve been working as a freelance translator and interpreter for almost five years; last year I’ve decided to take on – to improve my skills, my professional skills – to take on the Masters in Translation Studies. I’m holding previously the Diploma in Public Services Interpreting. It was ok for me in terms of interpreting work, but I found that many translation agencies and employers prefer if a person has a special translation qualification, so that’s why I’ve chosen the Masters in Translation Studies at Sheffield University. That also meant that I was working full-time and studying full-time. There was the option of splitting the course of studies into two years, like, studying part-time for two years. But I thought I’d just hit it and do it in one year, so then I’d just do it and it’s over. So it was quite a tough time sometimes, you know, with all the assignments and everything but... I think I’ve managed well, I had all the support from my family as well, so... And I’m here, today, dressed in a gown, so that means I’m ready to [graduate] (laughs). So I’m very happy I made it. And it was a good course. I have to say that I’ve learned a lot. And I hope it will help me in pursuing my further professional career as a translator.
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(January 2013)

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