Miryam Prasetyo

MA in Multilingual Information Management, Class of 2011/12

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     Hello! I’m Miryam, from Germany. I did the MA in Multilingual Information Management and I’ve also done my undergraduate studies here at Sheffield University, in Management and Japanese Studies. And... Well. Basically I decided to do the Multilingual Information Management Master because I was kinda always feeling like I didn’t know how to kind of combine what I learned in Management and in Japanese Studies. [...] I saw a flyer one day (laughs) in the Management School, from the school here – the Language School – and it said something like, ‘Do you want to work in a multilingual environment’ or... Basically, it was saying something about how to apply languages in the workplace. And I was really interested in that, in [...] finding out how to combine it, in the workplace, without actually having to do translation or something like that. So yeah... I decided to do the degree, and I really really enjoyed it. It was really good!

And what I also really liked about this degree compared to, for example, Intercultural Communication – which I had also applied for – was that you’ve got the technology side as well for the Master in Multilingual Information Management. And yeah, I really enjoyed that. Also, it was a dual degree, so it was with the Language School as well as with the Information School. So again, you’ve got like the two sides to it really. For example, one of the modules that I took with the Information School was about web design, which I really really really enjoyed. I didn’t know anything about web design before, but through that course I learned how to use HTML and CSS to design web pages. And, right now, I’m working in the Language School to redesign the website (laughs). So yeah, it was definitely worth it, I have to say.
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(January 2013)

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