Rafal, MA Multilingual Information Management

Rafal Szymaniuk

MA in Multilingual Information Management, Class of 2011-13

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     Studying the MA in Multilingual Information Management at Sheffield University is both interesting and challenging. Having two schools, the School of Languages and Cultures and the Information School, designing a study plan that covers the many topics from such varied fields must have been very challenging. And it totally works too! The module selection will offer you variety, practicality and even help with building up your interests. Most important however, it will help you launch your career into a dynamic, international workplace.

Being employed full time, I was worried at first about not being able to organise my schedule. From the start I have been greeted with helpful and kind advice from the support staff. My MA study has been split into 2 years and arranged in a way that caused least disruptions to my work pattern. While I may not have been able to develop friendships and relationships as strongly as full time students, which was due to my busy schedule, I was always in the loop thanks to the well managed MOLE /MUSE system (virtual learning environment) that is used by University.
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(February 2013)

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