Ravi Jassal

MA in Intercultural Communication, Class of 2005-07

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     I am currently living and working in India; soon after I finished my dissertation I was offered a job and went out in September 2007, working as an intercultural trainer for a British-based company. I did six months of training for this company and then went on to become a programme director, which enabled me to become a customer relations manager; which means bridging the gap between our Indian customers, our British company, and the team that went out there. I did the recruitment selection and training of the whole team, as well as doing their orientation training when they got to India. The most important thing was the liaison between our Indian customers and our British company because there were a lot of cultural differences; there’s no right culture and there’s no wrong culture and trying to get people to understand those cultural differences was my primary role.

The masters’ degree not only helped me academically, but helped me on a personal note, as well. I was very interested in culture, being a first generation, British-born Indian, and in my childhood I struggled with the pressures of the Indian culture while growing up within the British culture, and there was a lot of things culturally that I used to do because I was told to do them without ever fully understanding why, or why the pressure was on me to do it; so knowing that it wasn’t quite the thing I wanted to do, I still did it. It wasn’t until after I finished my dissertation – and did a self-reflection on the dissertation – when I realised that it was only natural that I did things the way I did them, and it’s actually resolved a lot of the issues I had in my own life. So, for me the masters’ degree was fantastic; not just on an academic level but on a personal level, too – I would recommend it to everybody.
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(Spring 2008)

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     Just to update you I am still working as programme director but only till mid August then I am pleased to announce that I have teamed up with an existing training company to deliver all aspects of IC training. We are called Margins View and are based out of Mumbai but I am Regional Director for Bangalore although my first major project is to set up an educational institute in the Panjab for the delivery of IC training for potential BPO employees. We are having a purpose built centre of excellence built and are gonna be writing course content and material. So watch this space!!!

Seriously the MA has changed my life around... I would love to come and talk about my success in the IC training field with your students when I next come over (which might be sometime in September/October 2008).
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(Summer 2008)

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