Sarah Kemp

MA in Translation Studies, Class of 2007/08

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     I did the MA in Translation Studies, at the University of Sheffield last year. I am now working at SDL International as a trainee translator, and you get a huge variety of different things to do everyday. For example, yesterday I reviewed a Norwegian translation about ‘tweets’, today I’ve been translating letters and website content; on a normal day I can use all three of my languages which are German, Danish and Norwegian.

The MA in Translation has really developed my interest in translation, and also the practical modules that we did were very, very important; I now use translation memory software every single day in my job. And also, general stuff; from ‘day-to-day’ when you are at university doing your course work, is so important: you need to have good email skills and good knowledge of Microsoft Office, for example. Also, one of the things I didn’t realise when I was doing my translation degree was that your organisational skills and your ability to talk to clients and project managers are so, so important; because this is a big business.
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(Spring 2009)

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