Simon Roberts

MA in Catalan Studies, Class of 2012/13

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     Hi, my name's Simon Roberts. I'm currently studying an MA in Catalan Studies here at the University of Sheffield.

We've just finished the Postgraduate Colloquium that we've organised as part of our Master studies here. It's been a very successful day; we've had speakers from across the postgraduate students at the University come and present papers... erm and it's been a really good opportunity for postgraduates from all across the University to come and share their dissertation topics and their research with each other in a friendly environment. And it's been really good for us as well, erm for our organisational skills and our general communication skills, to put this whole thing together.

Other than that I'm very much enjoying my studies here. I'm looking forward to getting into my dissertation topic this summer. My dissertation topic is the Catalan TV station TV3 in the Valencian country (País Valencià, Comunitat de València) to the south of Catalonia. And I hope to [...] look into the ideas of language and culture that can go with the idea of a television station, a Catalan television station, and how these aspects of language and culture are represented on television both in Catalonia and in Valencia.

Erm, yeah, all in all, I'm very much enjoying my time here.
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(April 2013)

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