Song Cui

MA in Screen Translation, Class of 2008/09

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     I am taking this Masters’ course because I’ve been working in screen translation for a while, and I felt that sometimes I could get ‘lost’ and I didn’t know where the foundation, the solid ground, was. Coming over here and doing this degree was a very good chance for me to do some studies in the theories of translation and screen translation which I think is very helpful in my work. The reason is that experience is easy to collect but theory requires you to have time to do serious study – but it gives us something to rely on in our work.
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(Winter 2009)

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     Before coming to study at the University of Sheffield, I was a college teacher of English for 21 years and a screen translator and voice dubber for 15 years. From 2000 to 2004, I hosted a TV talk show – Outlook – on CCTV.

I decided to come here, as the University of Sheffield is one of the few in the UK that offer MA in Screen Translation and it ranks at the top of those few. I didn't need this degree to get a better job, but I did need it to enrich my life experience. The international environment in this University is one of the best things about Sheffield.

One of the most enjoyable things about studying at Sheffield is the way teachers conduct their lectures, their respect for different opinions, and their encouragement of thinking. The teaching here is encouraging and exciting. Studying the theories, and critical reading and writing, are both really valuable aspects of my course. I also really enjoyed using the library at Sheffield!
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(Spring 2010)

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