Stefano Rossoni

MA MUNDUS Crossways in Cultural Narratives

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     I found at the University of Sheffield a multicultural environment which was ideal for studying and writing my dissertation. Thanks to the wide range of courses offered by the University, I had the opportunity to collaborate with different departments and develop further the different aspects of my research interests. The high degree of participation which was required during the courses represented a stimulating challenge that helped me to improve both my knowledge and my skills as a student. During my time there I could count on high-profile professors, who were available to discuss any aspect of my work and affable with students. For example, the weekly seminars organized by the Hispanic department were always followed by a friendly evening at the nearest pub for chatting with professors, researchers and other students.

The facilities include several libraries and a 24/7 informatics centre, which is the perfect place for long non-stop working hours.

For this, I would not hesitate in recommending the University of Sheffield for those who look for an enriching and challenging academic experience in a friendly atmosphere.
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