Svea Schauffler

MA in Screen Translation, Class of 2007/08

PhD in Screen Translation and Applied Linguistics, 2008-2012

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     I did the MA in Screen Translation, starting in 2007. I did it because I’d previously done a degree in Linguistics and Media Studies and I thought that the course would combine those things, and also, I have always wanted to work as a subtitler or in dubbing. I found the course to be a lot of fun and really interesting – especially the practical side; when we learnt to subtitle films. Since then, I have gone on to do a PhD investigating subtitling strategies for the translation of English wordplay into German in the same department, which I really enjoy; I’ve extended my dissertation into a bigger project with participants. I’m in my second year now, and I’m hoping to finish next year.
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(Spring 2010)

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     Hello, my name is Svea Schauffler and I did the MA in Screen Translation in the year 2007/2008, graduating in 2008. I enjoyed my dissertation topic back then so much that I extended it into a bigger, larger study and... I did PhD research in the following four years, in the same department. I really enjoyed that! I did a study with participants in Germany who watched a subtitled film - different versions of a subtitled film - and then I recorded their response and then analysed their... the questionnaires that they filled in. And erm, I really enjoyed that a lot and I've been taking the results to conferences and had them published. And it's been a very exciting adventure but it finished last year with the submission of the dissertation [thesis], and I have since moved on into a teaching job at the University of Augsburg in Southern Germany where I now teach translation to German students of English. So the MA I did in 2007/2008 has influenced pretty much everything I've done since and it has opened a lot of doors, not only to work as a professional translator but also to carry on working in academia, both teaching and doing research. And I would recommend it to anyone.
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(May 2013)

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