Wenbo, MA Intercultural Communication

Wenbo Wang

MA in Intercultural Communication, Class of 2012/13

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     After finished my undergraduate course in 2011, I joined an Internet company in Beijing and worked for one year. I realized during this period that a Master's degree would be very helpful in my career, especially a degree that can help me communicating with people from all over the world smoothly and efficiently. Because in my opinion, the process of globalization is unstoppable, and now the distance from people that used to be far away is shortened and the border of different cultures is blurred because of the development of technology. I firmly believe that in my later career I need to know how I can work well in an intercultural working environment, which is becoming more and more often-seen in China or anywhere else around the globe. So I applied for the course of MA in Intercultural Communication and went here to study at the University of Sheffield.

After entered the course, I find that the module plan is exactly what I had expected, including both the theoretical modules in intercultural communication and some practical module of exercising in particular aspects such as ethnography and localization for linguists. The reasonable plan of modules makes me comfortable and also confident about what I'm doing during the study, and so far I think things are going not bad for me.
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(March 2013)

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