Translation and Intercultural Communication Masters' Programmes

Applied Languages Programmes

Studying Translation and Intercultural Communication programmes opens the doors of Theory, Practice and Reflexivity.


Deepen your understanding of theoretical approaches to language and culture.


Work on real-life projects and gain relevant professional experience.


Reflect on your academic work, so that you are able to justify your choices convincingly from an informed perspective, therefore leading to the most positive result.

Develop your own pathway

Whilst each of our Translation and Intercultural Communication MA Programmes has a core focus, all our programmes are interconnected and allow you to create your own bespoke MA programme through your choice of optional modules.

(Translation Studies)
(Intercultural Communication)
(Multilingual Information Management)
(Screen Translation)
(Intercultural Communication and International Development)

For those who wish to...

be a professional in-house or freelance translator or translation project manager, or to work in a variety of related positions in the translation industry work in positions where highly effective communication across cultural backgrounds is important work managing multilingual and localisation projects, websites, and in multilingual teams be a professional in-house or freelance subtitler or translator, or to work in a variety of related positions in the translation and media industries become highly effective intercultural communicators in challenging international and social development environments