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Below are some of the most commonly asked questions and answers about our Applied Languages MA programmes (MAIC, MAICID, MAST, MATS and MIM). Hover the mouse cursor over any question to view the entire answer.

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Q: How many students are normally on the MA programmes?  ► Across the Applied Languages MA programmes there is normally a group of between 60-70 students from all around the world.

Q: What optional modules can I choose?  ► Our Applied Languages programmes allow you to take optional modules from across all five programmes. Our range of optional modules gives you a wide variety of choice focusing on language, culture, and technology. Here at Sheffield we pride ourselves on helping you find a pathway which suits your needs and background.

Q: (MAST and MATS) Which languages can I choose as my main translation language?  ► We offer translation from English into Arabic, Chinese, Polish and Italian, as well as translation from Czech, Dutch, French, German, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish into English.

Q: (MAICID and MIM) How do programmes split between departments work?  ► As part of your programme you will be taking core and optional modules in all the departments which offer the programme. Each department is responsible for their own modules, but there is good communication between the departments which each have a designated programme coordinator. Whilst the School of Languages and Cultures is your home department, you will benefit from the support offered by all departments and you can choose which department to write your dissertation with.


Q: When do the classes start and when am I expected to be present in Sheffield?  ► The postgraduate academic year is 12 months, from September to September. You are expected to be present in Sheffield for the full year (excepting holidays). You will write your dissertations over the summer.

Q: Do you offer evening classes?  ► No. Our programmes are taught throughout the week, 12 weeks per semester, two semesters per year. Depending on your programme and the options you choose, you could expect to have classes on 2-4 days in the week.

Q: Can I study part-time?  ► UK and EU students can follow our programmes part-time. Because of visa restrictions, international students are required to undertake the programme on a full-time basis.

Q: How does the programme work for part-time students?  ► Part-time students usually study 90 credits per year, spread over two years. Normally we recommend students have a balanced programme with modules in all 4 teaching semesters. One size does not fit all, and the shape of your programme will depend on your working needs, your previous experience, your choice of optional modules and the kind of dissertation you decide to undertake.

Q: Can I pay the programme fees in instalments?  ► Yes, this is possible. For full details of fee payments, please see:


Q: Is there a deadline for applying?  ► No. But we recommend that you apply before the end of June as staff take their holidays in July and August which may cause a delay in processing applications.

Q: What are the main entry requirements for your MA programmes?  ► Please see your programme's entry requirements page for details: MAIC, MAICID, MAST, MATS, MIM.

Q: How do I apply to one of your MA programmes?  ► You can apply for postgraduate study using our Postgraduate Online Application Form: For more details, please go to our application page.


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