MA in Intercultural Communication

Students of different cultures talking"Would you like a cup of coffee?" - "No, thank you."

Previously one might have expected the above situation to have caused offence in some cultures (e.g., Saudi Arabia). But such a simplistic answer does not do justice to the possible interpretations of even a small exchange such as this; a deeper understanding of our own and others’ cultural complexities leads us to recognise that ‘quick fix’ solutions to questions of cultural difference are not sufficient for the reality of today's globalised world, where interactions in multinational organisations, international projects and in multicultural communities are common. Intercultural communication is an exciting field of study which has developed considerably in recent years, and those who have high-level intercultural knowledge and skills are highly sought after in the workplace.

The MA in Intercultural Communication is one of our five Translation and Intercultural Communication programmes and is designed to meet your needs for communicating across a wide range of cultural groups, whether it is for developing a highly successful multicultural and multilingual team, or involves communicating with the top manager of a wine company or the grape-growing farmer. The course combines the study of theory and practice with critical reflexivity: You will develop practical, ethnographic research skills, an ability to make complex decisions with real outcomes and the professional confidence to last you a lifetime in the intercultural field. We enable you to develop your intercultural knowledge and skills and apply them to your area of interest, whether you have a background in languages, social sciences or science and engineering.

We are one of the first UK universities to offer this Masters programme and our graduates are highly employable, in industries such as human resources, education or international project management. You can expect to have engaged critically with the major intercultural questions and issues relevant to your future profession.

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     The MA has definitely helped in my job - which I was given straight after my degree - in terms of me being able to communicate with the vastly different people that I meet everyday...Right-hand quotation mark

(Jennifer Mowat)

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