MA in Translation Studies

Our MA in Translation Studies opens up a wide range of career paths in the translation and related industries such as a professional in-house or freelance translator or translation project manager, or to work in a variety of related positions in the translation industry. Graduates have entered careers as:

  • Translators
  • Editors
  • Project managers
  • Global Category Manager handling relationships with key healthcare suppliers worldwide.

either freelance or in-house in small to big companies or translation agencies such as:

  • TransAction Translators Ltd (Sheffield)
  • SDL International (Sheffield)
  • Google (Dublin)
  • Amazon EU S.à.r.l (Luxembourg)
  • GCHQ
  • European Union
  • United Nations

Some of our graduates have also set up their own companies, or continued onto postgraduate research degrees about e.g. "Multilingualism, the translation process and the EU".

Featured Graduate:

Martin Repecky, freelance translator in Sheffield


Featured Graduate:

Jozef van der Voort, Translator at Amazon EU S.à.r.l

The main focus of my role is to translate product descriptions from the French and German Amazon websites into English in order to make them available for sale on the UK site. [...] One day I might be researching medical technology while translating a batch of health and personal care accessories; the next I can be cross-referencing German and English Pokémon names in order to accurately localise some licensed merchandise for the UK market. More...

Featured Graduate:

Ben Swales, Project Manager and Translator at a translation agency

While I was doing the MA I worked part-time at a translation agency, learning about the industry and project management. I found that the work complemented the course very well, and obviously, the course complemented the work. When I graduated, I started working full-time for the agency so I am a project manager now and I do a bit of translation - when I can fit it in - at the agency. More...