MA in Multilingual Information Management

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Imagine what kind of car the American Motors 'Matador' could be. Strong and glamorous, perhaps? This connotation made the car very popular in most of the manufacturers' export markets - with the exception of Puerto Rico, that is, where the word (literally: 'killer') raised a heightened concern for road safety.

This example illustrates how global businesses are in great need for experts who are able to recognise and act upon culture-bound linguistic issues. After the digital revolution with its accompanied surge of data warehouses and Internet-based e-businesses, this demand has widened to include global communicators in database design, search engine optimisation, responsive website design for a range of different screen sizes, and other technical issues. Thus there is now a considerable demand for multilingual information managers as a new professional figure who can effectively

  1. find relevant information from different source languages and cultures,
  2. store it for easy access, and
  3. deliver it to new target audiences in the most appropriate languages and media,
  4. using up-to-date, industry-standard localisation, database and web design software tools.

In short, Multilingual Information Management is about effectively communicating some piece(s) of information across different cultures or languages, using technology as appropriate.

The MA in Multilingual Information Management is one of our five Translation and Intercultural Communication programmes. Designed for those who wish to work managing large amounts of multilingual data and in multilingual teams, it covers theory and practice of all parts in the information management process and of intercultural communication, whilst also giving you plenty of opportunities to develop practical skills in website design and software localisation using industry-standard software. At the same time, you can shape the programme to suit your personal career needs and interests, choosing between various information, language, management and other subject options.

We are one of the first UK universities to offer this Masters programme and our graduates are highly employable in any type of industry involving the global handling of information and communication, such as web design, website and software localisation and human resources.

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     The module selection will offer you variety, practicality and even help with building up your interests. Most important however, it will help you launch your career into a dynamic, international workplace.Right-hand quotation mark

(Rafal Szymaniuk)

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