Staff and Research Students in Translation and Intercultural Studies 

Primary Staff

Lena Hamaidia Head of Translation and Intercultural Communication Studies (MATRiCS), Programme Leader for MATS and MAST
Jane Woodin Director of Learning and Teaching, Programme Leader for MAIC and MAICID
NĂºria Massot Programme Leader for MIM
Nicole Baumgarten Lecturer in Translation and Intercultural Communication Studies

MA Tutors

Alessia Brighi Ethnography
Lily Chen English to Chinese Translation
French Studies French to English Translation
Russian and Slavonic Studies Russian, Polish and Czech Translation

Research Students

Nahed Arafat The impact of language and culture on Improving Access to Psychological therapy (IAPT) for Black & Minority Ethnic (BME) patients in Sheffield
Melina Bangert Higher education and the experiences of female BME students at university
Israel Escobar Orthographic-Integration model for computer processing of Nahuatl
Rob Fritz The development of the intercultural communicative competence of Japanese university students
Kirsty Hemsworth Comparative analysis of contemporary American works of 9/11 fiction and their corresponding translation intro French, with a view to challenging and refiguring the polarised concepts of Self and Other that underpin much current translation theory


Marta Pahisa Translation and Localisation Specialist