Kirsty Hemsworth

PhD student in Applied Languages (Arts and Humanities faculty scholarship)
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Kirsty Hemsworth is a PhD student in Translation Studies and French at the University of Sheffield (commenced September 2013). Her doctoral research seeks to conduct a comparative analysis of American works of 9/11 fiction and their corresponding translations into French, as a means of challenging the polarized frameworks and strategies that underpin much contemporary literary translation. By considering how fictional selves and others are constructed and negotiated in response to the attacks of September 11th in both source and target texts, her thesis hopes to isolate the shifts these identities undergo in translation. The aims of this doctoral project are twofold: to highlight the potential of translated literature as a tool for literary analysis, while underlining the significance of 9/11 fiction as a distinct and innovative genre of contemporary literature.

This research is supervised by Dr David McCallam (French) and Dr Jane Woodin (Modern Languages Teaching Centre), and is funded by an Arts and Humanities faculty scholarship.


Hemsworth, Kirsty A. (2015) “Beyond Self and Other: Resisting the Binaries of 9/11 in Fiction and Translation”, Track Changes: Issue 8 [forthcoming September 2015].

Hemsworth, Kirsty A. (2015) "Empathic Encounters: Negotiating Identity in 9/11 Fiction and Translation," The Quiet Corner Interdisciplinary Journal: Vol. 1.1.
Available at:

Hemsworth, Kirsty A. (2012) “From your reading of Gordimer and Coetzee, do you think they have discharged their responsibilities, as novelists, effectively?” Innervate, Vol. 4 (2011-2012). Available at:

Conference papers

‘Literary remnants of September 11th’, ‘Salvage’ - British Comparative Literature Association triennial conference, University of Wolverhampton, July 2016.

‘Translating in/as Aftermath: A comparative approach to 9/11 fiction in translation’, Northern Comparative Literature Network: Inaugural conference, Birmingham City University, October 2015.

‘Translating the Towers: A case for 9/11 fiction and literary translation’, Texts in Times of Conflict, De Montfort University, 8 September 2015.

‘Cognitive maps: Negotiating identity in Falling Man and L’homme qui tombe’, The State of Fiction: Don DeLillo in the Twenty-First Century, University of Sussex, 10 June 2015.

‘In absentia: Negotiating space in 9/11 fiction and translation’, Facing Challenges: School of Languages and Cultures PG Colloquium, University of Sheffield, 20 May 2015.

‘Translators, Traitors, Terrorists: Dissent in the translation of 9/11 fiction’, Conformity and Dissent: School of Languages and Cultures PG Colloquium, University of Sheffield, 16 May 2014.


I teach across a variety of MA modules in the MLTC, which has included seminars, as well as one-to-one sessions, with students of:
MLT235A – Chinese/English Tandem learning
MLT6401 – Theories of Intercultural Communication
MLT6013 – Approaches to Translation Genres

I am a PG tutor at the 301 Student Skills and Development Centre at the University of Sheffield. This role involves the development and delivery of academic skills workshops to interdisciplinary groups of UG and PG students, in addition to tailored sessions adapted for specific departmental needs. I also deliver 1:1 ‘triage’ sessions with individual students, covering a wide-range of study-skills related topics, including academic writing development, encouraging reflective practice, understanding and working with feedback, as well as pastoral concerns.

In April 2014, I completed the Sheffield Teaching Assistant programme; a course of workshops delivered by Learning and Teaching services to support PGR student with teaching responsibilities. Currently (July 2015), I am compiling my application to the HEA, for recognition of my teaching and professional development at the level of ‘Fellow’.

Other activities

Senior Facilitator – ThinkCreate 2016 – Cultural Value and Global Enterprise. ThinkCreate is an inter-disciplinary, faculty-wide project for all first-year UG students in Arts and Humanities. As Senior Facilitator I was responsible for liaising with academic staff and external partners, supervising and working collaboratively alongside other PGR facilitators, and creating student timetables, annotated reading lists and contributing to the project brief.

I am currently a co-editor of Track Changes, an in-house journal produced by postgraduate students in the Faculty of Arts and Humanities.

In early 2015, I was involved in a public engagement project, entitled ‘The Image Speaks’. 'The Image Speaks' is a collaboration between Sheffield-based photographer Andy Brown and PhD students in the Faculty of Arts and Humanities at the University of Sheffield, offering a series of windows into the richly diverse and exciting body of postgraduate research within the faculty.