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Careers for Sheffield language graduates

Studying any of the languages offered at Sheffield will prepare you for a diverse range of rewarding and profitable careers. However you choose to use your degree, the combination of academic excellence and personal skills developed and demonstrated on your course will make you highly prized by employers around the world.

A degree in languages will not only help you gain linguistic and cultural knowledge, it will also train your self-awareness and your sensitivity towards the world around you. Particularly your third year abroad will be a crucial moment in your personal and intellectual development.

In the latest report from the Higher Education Careers Services Unit here they state ""Employers may well be prepared to pay a premium to employ these graduates, as fluency in a language is not something that organisation can quickly and easily train new recruits up in themselves."

Your year abroad will give you a head start

The experience you gain during your year abroad – and during the preparation for it – will be of crucial importance to your chances on the labour market. Employers like language students because they have something extra to offer: they have all been on a year abroad.

Whatever you decide to do during your third year abroad, our close collaboration with the Careers Service will guarantee that you make the most of your international experience in employability terms too.

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Career paths

Perhaps languages will be central to your career, for example if you work in teaching, translation or academia. Perhaps languages will make up a smaller - but nonetheless important - part of what you do in your day to day life. Perhaps you will use the other skills learned in your degree to work in a profession that is not directly related to languages.

Whatever path you choose to take, from the starting point of our excellent teaching and support, you can go on to flourish in a wide range of careers.

What career paths can I follow?

Developing your skills

You will, of course, graduate from Sheffield with the foreign language expertise to make you stand out in an increasingly competitive job market.

However, a language degree from the University of Sheffield is about so much more than mastering another tongue. The experience and skill set developed on your course will equip you for a range of graduate careers.

What skills will I learn with a languages degree at Sheffield?


There are many employers - some you may not have considered - who need the skills that our graduates offer.

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