Career paths

Broadly speaking, our graduates follow one of three career paths:

The language industries (teaching, translating and interpreting)

School childrenWhether you choose teaching, translating or interpreting, a language degree from Sheffield is a big step towards working in the language industries. Teaching offers job satisfaction, security and the chance to share your passion with young language learners. The translation and interpreting industries offer direct use of your language skills and the opportunity to work internationally.

Where are they now?

Recent graduates have gone on to teach in primary and secondary schools throughout the UK and across Europe. Our graduates also now translate and interpret for UK and international businesses, as well as in the European Union.

Case study: Sian (Russian)

Careers outside the language industries

Student on phoneYou may equally choose a career in which your language skills are not the primary focus of your work. In this case the other skills acquired across your degree come to the fore. Skills developed when studying a language degree at Sheffield - analytical skills, an aptitude for communication and presentation, the ability to thrive in challenging environments - have seen our graduates blossom in a range of careers.

Where are they now?

Recent graduates have gone on to work for, among others: the BBC, Ford Motor Company, Saatchi, Reuters, Agence France Presse, the European Parliament, the House of Lords.

Case study: Ashil (Hispanic Studies)

Further study

You may want to continue your studies at Masters and Doctorate level, gaining a real understanding and expertise in your chosen field. Beyond that is the opportunity for employment in research and lecturing posts. A career in academia will often combine teaching students while pursuing your own specialist area of research. This offers intellectual stimulation, flexibility and a high degree of autonomy.

Where are they now?

Recent graduates have gone on pursue PhD study both in the UK and abroad. Many of our former students are now Lecturers or Professors.

Case study: Cathie (French)