BA Modern Languages

French studentsIf you are an ambitious linguist and want to equip yourself with a range of languages, the BA Modern Languages course is for you.The four year BA Modern Languages offers you an adaptable but challenging course and the flexibility this degree offers means that you can tailor it to your own interests.

On this intensively language-focussed course you will study three modern languages across our Sections. This arrangement allows you to gain expertise in both widely-spoken and lesser-spoken European languages which you can use professionally and in a variety of contexts. Being multilingual is a skill that is highly desired by employers and will give you a competitive edge in the employment market. You will also gain an in-depth knowledge of the cultures and societies in which these languages are spoken through our range of option modules.

You will choose three languages from across the School. One of your major languages will be either French, German, Spanish or Russian. Your second major choice includes these languages and Catalan, Czech, Dutch, Polish or Portuguese. You can also minor in any of these languages plus Luxembourgish and Italian. You will acquire a highly sophisticated, nuanced understanding of your major languages through lectures, self-study and spending your year abroad in countries in which these two languages are spoken. The minor language will take up less of your time, but you will still work towards a high degree of fluency.

Entry requirements

All applications must be made through UCAS. For further details on how to apply, visit our How to Apply page.

Number of A Levels required: 3
Typical offer: ABB
Required subjects: at least ONE of French or German or Spanish or Russian at A Level (or equivalent)

  • Equivalent qualifications are welcomed
  • International students are encouraged to apply early
  • Mature students are welcomed
  • General Studies is accepted
  • Bursaries available

For more information about course requirements visit the entry for BA Modern Languages in our online prospectus.

Course Structure

Each year with us is made up of 120 credits.

Year One (Level 1)

In your first year you will take two major languages, both of which are worth 40 credits.

The first must be either French, German, Spanish or Russian. French is a post-A Level course, while German, Spanish and Russian are available either at post-A Level or beginners' level.

You can choose your second major language from the languages above, or you can take a beginners' course in Catalan, Czech, Dutch, Polish or Portuguese.

The rest of your credits will be made up of a third language and/or a linguistics module.

Year Two (Level 2)

At level 2 you will choose one language which you studied at level 1, and this will be the larger of your major languages. It will take 60 credits and you will choose from French, German, Russian or Spanish.

Your second major language, also chosen from those you studied at level 1, will make up 40 credits.

Your minor subject can be a language you studied at level 1, or you could take a beginners' course in Catalan, Czech, Dutch, Italian, Polish, Portuguese or Luxembourgish.

Year Three (Year Abroad)

The third year of the course, your Year Abroad, will be spent in countries in which your two major languages are spoken (one semester in each country). During the Year Abroad, you can go to university, teach English or arrange a work or voluntary placement.

Year Four (Level 3)

You will continue and complete your study of your two major languages (60 and 40 credits) and the one minor language (20 credits) which you chose in Year 2.


You can also take beginners' Italian at levels 1 and 2 and continue your study of it throughout your Modern Languages degree. However, please note that you can only take it as your minor subject.