Our research


We promote high quality research methods and strive to innovate within the methods landscape and we also undertake our own research projects.

Like out teaching, our research spans across the academic and organisational boundaries as we work together answer the big questions facing today's society.

Research themes

With world-leading academics and cutting edge methodologies our research interests seek to answer societies big challenges

  • Inequality, Segregation and Social Networks
  • Diversity and Ethnicity
  • Language, Music and Participtation
  • Housing Markets Analysis and Policy
  • Political Attitudes and Behaviour
  • Politics and Economics of Immigration
  • Environment, Energy and Climate Change

Research projects

Our academic staff are involved in a variety of projects, often in collaboration with national and international institutions 

  • AQMEN Urban Segregation and Inequality
  • Urban Big Data Centre (UBDC) URP3: Integrated Multi-sectoral Model of Employment and Migration

Research Methodologies


  • Spatial statistics & spatial econometrics
  • Segregation index calculation & inference
  • Multilevel Modelling
  • Data Visualisation
  • Social Network Analysis
  • Fractional logit estimation
  • Longitudinal analysis
  • Casual Inference
  • Survival analysis

  • Count Models
  • Linear & non-linear multiple regression
  • Logit & probit regression
  • Structural Equation modelling
  • Path analysis
  • Reaction time measurement
  • Exploratory & confirmatory analysis
  • Big data methods
  • Experimental methods


  • In-depth and narrative interviewing
  • Co-production

  • Creative qualitative interviewing (e.g. mental mapping and innovative research methods)

Research networks