Dr Dan Olner




Dan is a postdoctoral researcher at the SMI. With a background in agent-based modelling, Dan now researches a diverse range of things from the impact of wind farms on house prices to the effect of culture on where migrants choose to locate.  Dan loves a good data visualisation, whether on-screen or 3D-printed.

Dan's PhD and previous work has looked at using agent-based modelling to better understand spatial economics and modelling how internal UK trade flows might change if fuel costs rise.

Dan also takes part in Sheffield Data for Good (where we recently helped youth homelessness charity Roundabout understand their data better), and Carbon Neutral University Sheffield where he helped to produce an activist's guide to decarbonising universities.

Dan occasionally blogs at coveredinbees and spends too much time on twitter.

Research Interests

All things spatial. Migration dynamics. Trade dynamics. Data visualisation. Improving how we program. Also interested in: economics and how geography changes economic ideas; climate change.

Current Research

Dan is working at the SMI with Gwilym Pryce on two ESRC funded projects. He's working with the Urban Big Data Centre looking at migration dynamics and is about to start on the Understanding Inequalities project, beginning with a trip to the Netherlands to look at social frontiers there.

To support much of this work, Dan has produced a harmonised Census open dataset from 1971 to 2011.

Publications Olner, D., Evans, A., Heppenstall, A., 2015. An agent model of urban economics: Digging into emergence. Computers, Environment and Urban Systems 54, 414–427.

Heblich, S., Olner, D., Pryce, G., Timmins, C., 2016. Impact of wind farms on property prices. Climate Exchange, Edinburgh.

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