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Dr Joshua Townsley




Joshua is a Postdoctoral Research Associated at the SMI. He is in the final stages of his PhD at the University of Kent, where he also taught quantitative research methods for 3 years. Joshua's PhD research focused on the role that traditional local campaigning plays in current British politics.

He received his BSc in Politics with Economics at the University of Bath and his MRes in Politics at the University of Nottingham. Joshua also runs the LSE’s Democratic Dashboard project.

Research Interests

Joshua’s research interests include electoral campaigns, political behaviour, British politics, and quantitative and experimental methods. His PhD thesis examines the role that local campaigning plays in British politics today, using quantitative and experimental methods.


 Some of Joshua's recent research includes:

Townsley J (forthcoming) Is it worth door-knocking? Evidence from a UK-based GOTV field experiment on the effect of leaflets and canvass visits on voter turnout. Political Science Research and Methods, doi:10.1017/psrm.2018.39.

Milazzo C & Townsley J (forthcoming) Conceived in Harlesden: Candidate-centred campaigning in British general elections. Parliamentary Affairs.

Trumm S, Sudulich L & Townsley J Information effect on voter turnout: How campaign spending mobilises voters. Acta Politica, 52(4): 461–478. doi:10.1057/s41269- 016-0027-8.