Kitty N

Dr Kitty Nichols




Kitty joined the department in 2014, teaching whilst completing her PhD in Sociological studies. Before this she completed her Masters degree in Sociology and Social Research Methods at The University of Newcastle and her undergraduate degree at The University of Leicester.

In 2018 Kitty completed her PhD entitled ‘Banter, masculinities and Rugby Union: exploring the relationship between masculinity and humour in men’s lived realities of gender.’ Drawing on data from a three-year ethnographic study of a Northern Rugby club, the thesis was concerned with how men experience and negotiate the gendered structures which underpin sporting sites. She has since been developing and extending these ideas into papers.

Research Interests

Kitty’s main research interests are in the broad areas of gender, sexuality, identity, sport, humour, language, emotion and age. Kitty is also interested in research methodology and developing innovative qualitative methods.


Kitty currently teaches in both SMI and Sociological studies and convenes the following modules:

SMI204 Placement module

SMI103 Social Research Practice

SCS1005 Gender, Sexuality and Society

SCS2020 Doing Qualitative Research

SCS3014/ SCS6044 Men, Masculinities and Gender Relations

SCS300 The Value of Sociology


Kitty Nichols (2018) Moving beyond ideas of laddism: conceptualising ‘mischievous masculinities’ as a new way of understanding everyday sexism and gender relations, Journal of Gender Studies, 27:1, 73-85, DOI: 10.1080/09589236.2016.1202815

Kitty Nichols, Elena Gaddes, Dawn Fletcher, Ruth Beresford (2016) 20th and 21st Century Narratives of Masculinity: Commonalities and Differences in European Constructions of Masculinity Culture, Societies and Masculinities, 8:1, 75-81, DOI: 10.3149/CSM.0801.75