Will Mason

Dr Will Mason

Lecturer in Applied Social Sciences

Twitter: @William_J_Mason

Email: w.j.mason@sheffield.ac.uk


Will is a sociologist with interests in the study of childhood and youth, consumption, families, identities and inequalities. Before joining the Sheffield Methods Institute as a lecturer in Qualitative Methods, Will spent one year as a University Teacher in the Department of Sociological Studies (University of Sheffield) and two years as a Postdoctoral Research Associate, working on the Nuffield-funded Child Welfare Inequalities Project. This UK comparative study used mixed methods to identify and explain unequal rates of child welfare interventions, revealing strong relationships between area level deprivation and families’ chances of engagement with child protection services. Will’s ongoing research projects use a co-production approach to explore residents’ experience of community services in a low income neighbourhood and to explore the everyday lives of marginalised young people in a Northern inner city neighbourhood.

Research interests

Childhood and youth, youth work, social work, consumption, families, identities, inequality, qualitative research methods, mixed methods.

Journal articles

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