We can facilitate your research needs, developing world-class research projects using leading methodologies. Our students have knowledge of current research methods, are working with world class researchers, and have access to high level statistical software. All projects are subjected to ethical checks, research methods are discussed with personal tutors and outcomes can be trusted.


For those one-off short term pieces of work that you’d like some help with. We can provide skilled undergraduate researchers with innovative ideas for free, whilst our students get hands on experience.


For longer term support either for a few months over the summer or for a whole year. We can provide students who have studied research methods for two years and our students gain valuable experience of employment.

Graduate Schemes

Normally lasting 18 – 36 months, this is a longer term option to grow your own leaders. You can get to select from the higher achieving graduates and our students get further on the job training and promotion opportunities.


Flexibility to employ a new graduate for between 3 and 12 months. We can help you  to test out future potential employees and our students get a first foot on their employment ladder.

Direct Entry

Fill one of your vacancies with a graduate. You can get to save on advertising costs and you’re guaranteed good applications, and our students will be excited to have their degree recognised and to start work with you.


You and the University jointly recruit a recent graduate to run a project for three years. We can help you find part-funded graduate who is supported by a University academic to act as a consultant for your specific needs and a student gets the chance to apply their knowledge, theory and learning.

Guest Speaker

Come and speak to our students at conferences. You can promote your company and speak to students who can work on your projects, and students benefit from advice spoken directly from an employer

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If you none of these options suit your needs, do get in touch!

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